Mid-South Clergy Gather to Support Marriage Equality


MGLCC Press Release

Mid-South Clergy Gather to Support Marriage Equality

Group Dubbed “Clergy Defending Rights for All” Will Stand Together to Support the LGBT Community

Memphis, TN, August 14, 2012: A group of clergy representing many faiths and denominations from around the Mid-South has begun discussing how to provide a fresh perspective on social issues, including marriage equality.

Quite often, the struggle for marriage equality is portrayed in the media as people of faith versus the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. In reality, LGBT people are as much a part of the fabric of religious life as they are any other aspect of our society. Several houses of worship in the Mid-South are open, affirming and welcoming of LGBT members. The list of these supportive houses of worship continues to grow as the congregations do the work of fully including all people who share their faith.

Not everyone chooses a connection to a church or synagogue. However, being a part of a faith community should no longer mean that LGBT people must suffer in silence while their ministers demean and ridicule them from the pulpit. This group which is calling itself “Clergy Defending Rights for All” offers the message that connection to a house of worship can be uplifting, supportive and affirming regardless of one’s sexual orientation or gender identity. That is not often the message one hears in connection with church.

This group of clergy, to make clear their support of LGBT equality, will hold its first press conference on Thursday, August 16 at 12 noon, in front of Memphis Gay and Lesbian Community Center. The address is 892 South Cooper Street, Memphis, TN, 38104.


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